With Spring coming along, it’s time to embrace new styles and trends that blend the concept of elegance and comfort, refreshing the season with new concepts and singularities for fashion and decor.

The classic style merges with sporty, in a trend known as "sporty preppy", which combines casual with sophistication. For home decor, we noticed an increasing search for striking and distinct pieces capable of transforming any neutral space into a standout and comfortable environment.

It promises to be a year of experimentation and creativity, where fashion and decor come together to create unique and personality-filled spaces.

#1 Sporty and preppy style

Combining sporty elements with classics, the sporty preppy style remains a trend in 2024, creating casual and elegant looks. Relaxed yet sophisticated, the trend prioritises comfort without ever neglecting style.

Outfits should be complemented with maxi bags, sneakers, statement jewellery, and accessories, offering intensity, texture, and colour.

Key pieces include polo shirts with vibrant stripes - red, green, or blue - fun skirts, and socks. Jewellery remains essential for creating a cool and personalised look. These new trends took the spotlight at the Miu Miu runway this year, for example.

The Spring/Summer '24 runways also embraced the return of lighter colours such as pink, white, beige, blue, and yellow, and transformed metallics into lighter fabrics, as seen in Versace, Jacquemus, and other runway shows.

This allows the creation of strong and unique visual identities for all styles, unleashing imagination and using accessories such as Bottega Veneta’s style maxi bags, 70s vibe sunglasses like Gucci, and maxi jewellery inspired by the iconic Chanel - accessories that cannot be missed on your season's wishlist.

# Cool Girl Decoration

It has been becoming clear that this year's greatest demands will be those stand out pieces with bold shapes and distinctive design. Conversation starters, these objects are not necessarily extravagant, with gold or shiny details, but rather pieces with a striking presence in a neutral environment due to their unique structure. Mirrors with different shapes and styles are an example of this trend..

Those most attentive to decor and interior design news will certainly notice that the iconic Togo sofa is on the rise this year. Designed in many sizes, colours, materials, and patterns, present in different types of spaces and styles, standing out for their remarkable versatility.

Embrace sustainability also on the home decor front, and embrace the rustic aspects and older objects of your home. Mix and match them with new and contemporary items and trends, to create a unique home, stylish but with heritage and personality. Reusing items you already have are a great way to contribute to the world and promote a more sustainable future.

The earthly warm shades and tones are here to stay, determined to dominate the interior design, incorporated a variety of products from textiles to ceramics. The new season has the power to bring harmony and tranquility to your space and allows you to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.