Sports have always been a part of João Catita's life. After 11 years dedicated to handball, he found a new passion when he started training at the gym at his early years of uni. This new hobby transformed into a love for fitness, fuelled by the desire to follow a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape. Four years ago, João materialised this passion by opening VITAL Fitness Studio, a personal training studio that reflects his vision that physical exercise is an essential part of life.

We also spoke with João about the importance of exercise in other areas of our lives. He believes that the discipline acquired through training, a balanced diet, and good rest impacts all aspects of life. This philosophy is the foundation of his commitment to VITAL, where he works to inspire others to recognise and value the transformative power of physical exercise.



When you feel less motivated, do you have any mechanism that helps you stick to your training?
I'm not always motivated, but I am very disciplined. Sometimes it helps to look at old photos or remind myself why I started. My biggest motivation tool is seeing what I've achieved so far and holding onto that.

You start your mornings with...
With a good breakfast and a morning workout, it helps me get through the day in a more dynamic and proactive way.

What are your TOP 5 exercises for a full-body workout?
1. Pull-ups
2. Push-ups
3. Squats
4. Deadlift
5. Sit ups

Favorite music genre for working out.
Techno and House.



Follow Vital Fitness Studio on Instagram for more training tips. At the moment the studio is located on Avenida da Boavista but will soon open a new space in Antas.