Timeless Design, Endless care.


We want to offer our customers a personalised and excellent shopping experience. All of our products are carefully checked before being shipped, but we understand that some issues may occur with daily use. That's why we offer a lifetime warranty on all our products.

The MESH warranty covers any defects that may be caused by manufacturing problems, broken pieces or chains. The warranty does not cover obvious damage caused by misuse, lost objects, scratch marks resulting from normal use, or of improper storage and products subjected to modifications by third parties.

The duration of the gold plating is also not included in the warranty. Due to the nature of the materials in question, we are unable to guarantee that the jewellery plating will last forever, nor can we commit to a deadline for how long it will last. Gold-plated pieces are fragile and volatile and may lose color over time. The speed at which this happens depends on factors beyond MESH's control, such as skin pH, sweat, contact with chemicals, etc.

As a result, we created the JEWELLERY REVIVAL PROGRAM that promotes the sustainable and everyday use of your jewellery. It is always possible to give your jewellery a new gold plating, regardless of its state. Baths are given in our workshop, where we will only charge the value of the raw material and offer the service. After the payment you'll receive a VOUCHER for the same value.


Find out more about our JEWELLERY REVIVAL PROGRAM below. If you have any questions regarding the warranty or need to repair your jewellery, please contact us via email at info@meshlabel.com or via WhatsApp (+351) 914 301 111.