Get to know Jules Cecilia, a travel influencer and content creator from Germany. On a conversation with her we uncover how the passion for travel morphed into a love for surfing, eventually leading her to call Portugal home.

Right after high school she decided to take a gap year, which led her to a career on social media. In the beginning it was all for fun, sharing her travels on Instagram with friends and family, eventually she naturally started growing a following and never looked back.

After traveling to almost 30 countries (and counting), Jules shares the importance of having a positive approach in life. Especially in the world of travel, things don't always go as smooth as it may seem on Instagram, and it's easy to become disheartened. Looking at the bright side and believing that everything happens for a reason is part of her life philosophy.




Three years ago, Jules started to get into surfing and quickly became hooked to the sport. Suddenly, a surfboard was part of her packing list and her content also shifted more into surfing.

Jules first visited Portugal in 2019 for a surf camp. She quickly fell in love with the country and realized it has everything she is looking for. We asked about her favorite places, and according to her, Monte Clérigo in Algarve exudes exceptional energy and enchantment, and then there's Lisbon, naming it the coolest city in Europe.

More recently the content creator joined forces with her friend Stef ( @wokestoke ) and hosted a surf retreat in Algarve. They embarked on a mission to create a unique and empowering experience for women. These retreats aim to provide a safe space where females can come together to learn and enjoy the world of surfing, regardless of their level of experience or nationality.

These retreats are packed with exciting activities, with surfing taking the center stage. Jules is also a Pilates instructor, providing some classes throughout the week, and Stef leads breath work and meditation sessions, promoting mental and physical well-being. In addition to surfing and wellness activities, participants get to explore the picturesque Algarve with a boat trip and engage in creative arts and crafts workshops. Cliff walks and beach visits complete the adventure. Mesh was present in the event as the girls rocked some of our pieces, and the energy was absolutely unmatched.

Follow Jules journey and keep an eye for future retreats on Instagram @julescecilia