Meet Javier Reyes. The founder of rrres, a design studio that focuses on 4 crafts – wool rugs, cotton textiles, palm sculptures and clay pieces – all handmade by local artisans with abstract and geometric shapes, that are Javier’s interpretation of the relationship between the past and the present of Latin America’s culture. The studio has been featured in the MOMA design store, The New York Times, Dwell and more.

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Reyes moved to Barcelona earlier in his life, where he spent around 5 years. This was a pivotal moment for rrres, since it gave him a new perspective, igniting his passion for meaningful design and the exploration of his own identity. “Being in a place that is so different from where you came from can awake a certain curiosity or the need to know more about – what is my identity, and what’s the history behind the place I came from.”



The word Rrres means nothing, reflecting Javier's belief that the essence of the project lies not in branding but in the transformative work happening within. Rrres is not just a brand; it's a testament to the power of collaboration, cultural appreciation, and the enduring legacy of traditional craftsmanship.
Being a risk-taker, with ambition and uncertainty, he later ventured into Mexico, a country brimming with artisans and communities preserving age-old traditions.

In Oaxaca, artisans often work as close-knit communities, emphasizing the importance of collective effort. Javier's unwavering vision and commitment to long-term collaboration got him to work with younger generations, who were willing to take risks and embrace change.
These traditional techniques have transcended generations, although young artisans question whether they can make a sustainable living from their skills. Reyes's mission is to empower them by showcasing the commercial potential of their work, transcending the realm of mere artistry.



Javier's inspiration comes from his surroundings and the unique expressions of Latin American culture. He draws from architectural elements, photographs, and the improvisational nature of street patterns. His work captures the essence of Latin America, seen through the eyes of someone who has lived in both the Dominican Republic and Mexico, identifying common threads that unite the diversity of those nations.



The process of creation at rrres is a dynamic collaboration. It starts with Reyes’s ideas but he also dedicates time to learning and understanding the artisans' techniques and materials. It's not about imposing his will, but about solving problems within the constraints and limitations of traditional practices, thereby respecting and preserving them.


The Artist's Favourite Piece

Javier's favourite pieces are a celebration of two techniques, two pieces of art merging into one harmonious whole. The colourful palm and the rugs engage in a dialogue, with patterns and movements in one mirroring the other.



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