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Selena Necklace
Light Blue Green Bordeaux Dark Blue Pink Water Green + 3 more
Verano Necklace
Green Red Dark Blue Light Blue Multicolor + 2 more
Splash Necklace
Earth Tones Dark Blue Black Multicolor White Green Turquoise Pink Red + 6 more
Spritz Necklace
Turquoise White Green Pink Multicolor Red + 3 more
Villa Necklace
White Dark Blue Green Turquoise Coral + 2 more
Saylor Necklace
Water Green Coral White Turquoise + 1 more
Coast Necklace
Bordeaux Dark Blue Green Turquoise + 1 more
Toscas & Stones Necklace
Bordeaux Green Dark Blue Pink + 1 more
Rocky & Stones Necklace
Green Pink Light Blue White Dark Blue + 2 more
Cliffs Necklace
Dark Blue Turquoise Green Bordeaux + 1 more
Sunscape Islet Necklace
Green Red White Dark Blue Light Blue + 2 more
Islet Necklace
Light Blue Green Red Dark Blue + 1 more

Discover our selection of necklaces with stones and medals, perfect for combining and creating unique looks. Designed to shine, they feature a variety of textures and colors combining high quality materials with natural and semi-precious stones. Use alone or mixed together to create an elegant, boho-chic look, adding a touch of personality and style to your wardrobe. With this selection of unique necklaces, you will express your individuality and create unique and stunning looks.