December has arrived, which means it’s time to binge all the Christmas movies, play our Christmas playlist on repeat, make wholesome recipes and drink loads of Christmassy cocktails. Once you have all your gifts in check, is time to plan the activities for the Christmas parties ahead, and we have just the thing for a boozy evening to remember.

Mesh challenged The Royal Cocktail Club to curate cocktail recipes that will elevate your Christmas dinner parties! The result was two reinterpretations of classic cocktails made exclusively for you, so make sure you save these for later (we know we will).


Twist Boulevardier

50ml Dewars Portuguese Smooth
25ml Tawny Port
25 ml Martini bitters
4 Dash of Bitter Chilli and Chocolate

Royal Old Fashioned

50ml Rum Plantation Single Cask Trinidad 2002 (The Royal Cocktail Club edition)
10ml Tawny Port
5ml Sugar
6 Dashes of Angostura bitters
3 Dash of Orange bitters

Preparation Tips:

1. Add all ingredients to a mixer
2. Strain into a rocks glass over an ice cube



After indulging in these at your holiday soirées, you might find yourself curious for an elevated drinking experience that goes beyond the comfort of your home. Located at the heart of Porto, The Royal Cocktail Club invites you into a world of creativity, sophistication and expertise.

The new menu was seen as an opportunity to put their experimental vein to the test, as they work under the principle that ”the best cocktail is the one that hasn't been invented yet”. The bartenders are on a constant pursuit that knows no boundaries and results in mesmerising signature cocktails.


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